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Airtran more a/c?

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Aug 6, 2002
My buddy works at Airtran and he said the company finalized a deal on all TWAs B717s and that there are two more classes for this year. As he says they are expected to hire a substancial no. of pilots next year. Wondering if any Airtran folks have any rumors to support this. I have been in the pool since Feb. and should be in the next class, I did not expect it would be this long but very thankful. I also read on a site that Airtran has been in talks w/ Mesa for a turbo prop feed///// don't know anything about it.

Furloughed Jan 02 (U)
And there's a quiet rumor floating about that there may be some fleet expansion into a bigger airframe coming up. Any thoughts as to what/when that might be? Don't have the specifics on the 717, but will it have the legs to reach out on the longer routes when they come up for consideration???
Can't remember exactely the number, but I think about 20 TWA's 717 are comming for sure.
The only other new rumor I would beliave is Joe Leonard (CEO) talking to captain class at the traning center said the next move is west.
Expect at least 2 more citys this year, LAS is most likely one of them.

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