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Airtran jobfair in ATL


Just lookin'...
May 9, 2002
Total Time
In the Atlanta newspaper last week there was an Airtran ad for a job fair in ATL on May 18. It states they are interviewing for most positions, including pilots. But from what I see here the next class in not until Fall due to sim backup? Anyone know about this?


Son of a son of a sailor
Nov 26, 2001
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I saw the ad too. It says they're recruiting (not necessarily interviewing) for a bunch of positions. Although we have heard no classes until September, it's not due to any backlog but simply waiting on management to give them the go ahead to hire. I believe part of the confusion/hold up comes from the retirement of DC9s and the ensuing transition of pilots. It is difficult to know how many pilots we'll need, and exactly when we'll need them.
There is a pool waiting for the first pilot class that comes along, but I'm sure they will stillaccept resumes for future interviews. I'm sure it won't hurt to showup, but I am unsure how beneficial it will be. I'd say give it a shot.