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AirTran Hiring

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
FYI for those intrested:

Latest rumor, although it sounds like it's a sure thing, is that AirTran will not be hiring at all for the remainder of '02. Increased DC9 retirements and the resulting backlog of 717 sim time was given as the reason.

Alot of posts have asked about competitive qualifications. The lowest time guy I've sopke to lately got hired in Dec '01 with 3500TT a J32 type and 1.5 yrs of PIC 121 time at a regional. Alot of recent newhires have at least one jet type (737,747, DC8, DC10, CRJ etc) and came from places like Midway, Emery, World, and 1 or 2 from UsAir and America West. A recomendation is almost a requirement.

I hope this helps those intrested.
Happy flying.
Sidebar--I was lucky enough to be riding offline jumpseating home through ATL on AT last month. A very nice young ramp agent was also non-reving home after visiting her ill father. She saw my uniform and let me know lots of Air Tran guys used to fly freight, and if I ever wanted to work for a real good airline I should apply. At least in her mind, working for FedEx was sort of like hauling checks in a 210 or Aztec across the dark night sky.

Now...the egostical pilot inside wanted to immediately lay out the many reasons I think my carrier is a superior place to work, with pay, benefits, etc...but fortunately I caught myself before I could even respond. I listened, told her how much I enjoyed AT, and how nice everyone there was that I had met.

Big thing that hit me was it was nice to see an employee actually like her company and be proud of it, and actively want to recruit. I certainly appreciate the rides I've gotten on AT, and it does still seem to have that "one team" feel. I hope all you guys there are very successful, and I hope those of you trying to be there get your chance soon.

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