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Airtran Hiring?

jeff kent

May 3, 2002
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Any info. on when Airtran will resume hiring? I was told by a pilot that classes are delayed until September so that they can get caught up in the sim.

Jeff Kent

Ty Webb

Hostage to Fortune
Dec 10, 2001
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That's what Jill N. said when I ran into her a couple of weeks ago- there are guys in the pool right now, and the next hiring will be in Sept.

Things do change around here on a weekly basis, though, Monitor Yahoo Aviation Business each day, at http://biz.yahoo.com/n/y/y0002.html

If you see us announce new airplanes and/or new cities, it should affect hiring. If they delay the retirement chedule of the DC9's, but still take 2 B717 month, it will affect hiring . . . in other words, stay informed.

Also, Greta C. used to update her voicemail message when there were significant changes, so if you have her number, check in every week or two, send an update monthly, and stay on top of it. The squeaky wheel definitely gets the grease here.

Good luck.
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