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AirTran Contract

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Apr 17, 2002
I'm trying to crunch some comparison numbers, could some Citrus pilot please assist with some info from your current contract?

What are the details of the B-fund? Percentage of gross income? What rate at what YOS?

Is there a company match to the 401K? If so what rate?

How about stock options?

Is there an ESOP plan outside of the options?

Any profit sharing?

Any word on new aircraft types, i.e. rumors of 737-800?

Thanks in advance
Airtran Contract

CRJPILOT, The retirement B fund numbers are 4/1/02 7% of eligible gross earnings this changes to 8% on 4/1/03 and to10.5 % on 3/31/04. We also have a stock options plan that you are fully vested after three years. Because of the B fund and the stock options the company no longer contributes to the 401. Up grade in less than 3 years captain pay for 3rd year 101.65 as of 4/1/03 this goes to 106.30 on 4/1/04 top pay 12year capt 152.57. We constantly hear rumors of bigger planes, I believe that it will happen inside the next two years.

hope this helps, good luck

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