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Airtran Contract status

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Jun 18, 2004
Was wondering how the current contract progess is going? I have heard that mgt's is wanting 10-15% concessions? With airtrans current pay rates now being higher than UAL, AA, Usair for size of equipment, sounds like it could get real ugly with the contract issues there? anyone have a good insight on this or where it might go?
I didnt realize that there was a post on this already, but anyways I am sure airline mgt's know exactly what pilots make at the other airlines and compare and when Airtran mgts's see's 12 year CA pay 152 for a 737 at Airtran and see the rates at UAL, Usair for same or similiar equipment at much less for 12 CA, they will turn there backs and stick to the line we need concessions to stay competitive now that the other guys are starting to make money.. wow that sounds familiar..I dont think it matters what airline you work for now as a Pilot or FA or Mechanic, now is the worst possible time to be in contract talks since most contracts are becoming concessionary or minimal improvements at best, look at NWA mechanics as the most recent debaukle. maybe this time airtran pilots should drag the contract talks out keep a good contract comparitively speaking and in 2.5 yrs when the airline is making more then you sign up for 5 more years rather taking the so so 5 year deal now
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looking at Jetblue, UAL, UsAir, AWA and ATA all the rates at Airtran seem better at 12 CA pay for similiar equipment. Did the current Airtran contract get voted in before all the major paycuts at UAL, Usair, DAL etc.
That web site is not necessarily accurate. It lumps all 737's at the same pay rate. The 12yr 737-800 rate at AirTran is $173/hr.
But AirTran doesn't currently operate any -800s, do they? Are there any plans to in the future, or are they going to stay with the -700s?
People seem to focus on that 12 yr. Capt. pay point as the reference base line. What they are forgetting is that the years 1 through 11 are still below par. When you add up how much was not paid to the pilot during those 11 years, as compared to someone on similiar equipment at SWA, DL, AA, NWA, it adds up to be quite a hefty sum.

These are the gaps that must be closed in the new contract currently stalled in negotiations. AirTran just posted an $11.4 million quarterly profit. Last quarter management gave themselves $8 million in bonuses while still having the audacity to ask the pilots for concessions.

This is going to be a major overhaul to the current contract. Those on this board that whimper that we shouldn't expect much and we won't get this or that are the same people that have no backbone, haven't stood up for anything, only worry about themselves, are possibly nearing retirement and therefore don't want to rock the boat, and probably waive the contract when it benefits them personally.

The pilots are the group that holds this place together despite the incompetence of other departments. Therefore it is the pilots that deserve the most credit. If management thinks futher savings are needed, they can lead by example by returning their unwarranted bonuses and stock options and then reducing their pay as well.
Amen Brother!

Our current pay structure is only sustainable right now because of our soft pay. If the company wants to remove the soft pay for efficiency... then we need to insist on the exact (converted) hourly payscale of Southwest.

You can't have it both ways like they (company) seem to want. If they don't want to pay us SWA payrates, then the soft pay must stay the way it currently is and ..... I believe the following is needed:

The First Officer pay is horrible and needs to be drastically improved (+20%).

The Captain pay from years 1-4 needs to be severely bumped up as well (+20%).

Captain pay from year 5-12+ can be moderately improved (+5%-10%)and we will still remain low cost competitive.

The savings that the company needs to improve and grow can come from a variety of no cost or low cost improvements that do not affect the Pilot Contract at all. (That list is long believe me...)

Of course AirTran Pilots will NEVER be industry leaders in pay.... period. If anyone is expecting that... you are crazy.

Management would be derelict if they didn't fight tooth and nail for squeezing blood out of a stone.

We just don't have to settle for what they offer..... thats all. You get what you negotiate.... so lets negotiate.

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