airtran class -8/11


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Jul 14, 2003
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Any of you guys out there signed up for the aug. 11th class? Fortunately,I got the call this week and am curious to know what I should do to prepare for the first couple weeks of class, if anything.

Last I heard it was going to be a class of 29 with 7 spots in the 737 and the 717. Anyone hear any different?

Any of you current or future AirTran guys with any pointers would be appreciated.

On a side note,if anyone is interested, it took me about 18 months of constant harassment through an airinc conference and some contact with mgt. folks before I finally got the call. I also used Kathy Sweeney(the resume writer) to draw up the resume which is well worth the $100.00. She apparently knows what they look for because I tried sending my version in for about 18 months with no luck, then sent her version in and they called me 2 days later. Maybe a coincidence, but who knows. I highly recommend her.

Thanks in advance for the replies...


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Feb 18, 2003
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22 B717 and 7 B737 is correct as of today...could change tomorrow I suppose.


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Dec 6, 2001
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Congrats folks !. Have fun in school !. Study hard..Let the firehose begin. Dont sweat the growing pains at the school house. Ask lots of questions from friends and peers. Instructors are great and want to teach for the right reasons.

No cheerleaders at AirTran. However, Lots of hard working folks that care about our pax and crew. Good bunch of pilots. Wide range of experience and background.

I know alot of newbies get pads by the school house. Some are kinda rough so check it out. If you have a car, obviously better housing is available.

Welcome !!

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