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Airtran Big Annoucement?

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Well-known member
Apr 7, 2005
Suppose to be announcement this week=???

It will not make the pilots happy! I guess those placards on the outside will be written up, the coach seats on 717 will be written up, and the slow taxi will be back. Take pictures, and have documentation!!

Go Nothing Stopping You--look at how much money you are losing every hour at work. go www.airlinepilotcentral.com look at AL, Jetblue, SW payrates....that is what you continue to lose every hour,day,month.

Enjoy the expansion...
So they are offering growth/upgrades instead of payraises?
Not sure what Scarlet is talking about. We hear these kinds of rumors of expansion every now and then. It either happens or it doesn't. Frankly...we really don't care. Nobody here believes one word Management says. If Management tries to use the old and pitiful tactic of promising growth in lieu of (fill in the blank), they'll just be flipped off with the bird and told FUPM!!

We were told by our MEC to get our personal strike fund in order. I'm ready. Bring it on!
Assuming an arbitrated seniority integration and how bad your management's been to you- How would AirTran pilots feel about being bought by SWA? Could you integrate into the culture?
Actually, I wouldn't be a BIT surprised to hear about outsourcing some RJ or even Q-400 feed out of MKE and/or BWI before our contract gets to Scope issues sometime next month.

That way they can grow in the markets they want, not have to pay our pilots to do it, and make it a lot harder to negotiate Scope against those aircraft if they're already flying on property.

They are well-aware of our stance on Scope issues, and already having those agreements in place would make trying to strike over existing outsourced feed contracts much more difficult, as we'd be, in effect, putting those pilots hired at that airline out of work, forcing AirTran to pay cancellation of contract fees (less of the economic pie for us to ask for), and capping their ability to grow how they want, not to mention that it's always been, historically speaking, MUCH more difficult to get the camel's nose out of the tent once it's already there.

All of this is just an educated guess, I don't have any insider's info, but if I were a betting man...
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Well at our quarterly call Bobby said that MKE would be 10% of our flying next year....that would require our departures from MKE to double. Also said that the Caribbean would be 7%....which it will be at years end 2%. Though ATL would be less than 50% of our total flying. This stuff would require some type of announcement in the near future. Would not at all be surprised to hear about some contracted flying before we discuss scope.

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