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AirTrain to Sue Security Breacher

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Yes, I rode the short bus...

Yes, I know, AirTran, not AirTrain. It's still early here...
I certainly hope the media continues to cover this and he gets NAILED ....

Hopefully perople will have to start being accountable for their actions in airplanes and airports !!!
What a shocker !!! What a concept !!!
I think it's great...a precedent need to be set to get these idiots back in line...
Some news show had that guy and his wife in an interview. What a joke. The guy looked like his was scared silly. His wife just sat there and looked at him like "your such a dumba$$".

He said he was sitting on the plane and had no idea why his flight was being delayed and was totally shocked that he was pulled off the plane.

He is probably the same guy that will pull right out in front of you in his car because he is late for work.

Self centered a$$.
I agree completely !!!!!!

I'm based in Atlanta and the escalator this guy ran down is a very looong one. What he did was incredibly stupid and they should slap the sh-t out of him.
I said it before and I'll say it again: All this could have been avoided if the National Guard would have just shot him.


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