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Airport Security vs. Flight Crews

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Member in Good Standing
Jul 29, 2002
A quick history: I'm thirty years old, raised by a career airline pilot and a former flight attendant (still happily married). Spent most of my life around airports, airplanes, and pilots. Am now in my twelfth year as a pilot, and my fourth year as a pilot for a Part 121 carrier.

So as far as real hands-on experience is concerned, I'm a relative newcomer to airline aviation compared to a lot of you senior guys.

My question is this: a healthy majority of the airport security screeners I have encountered hold a special contempt or dislike for airline flight crew members. It's obviously become more focused since 9/11, but my father tells me it's been going on for decades. Does anyone have any thoughts on how far back this animosity goes and what causes it?

(I try to be courteous and friendly to these folks, but we all have limits...)

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