Airport Noise Log


Dec 16, 2004
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Noise Abatement!

I'm all for reducing the noise even though people keep develping and buying residential homes right next to the airports!

It sucks that people like TangoOscarMike Z. call and complain. What a nut, at least he kills his own credibility with all the complaints. Some of them are pretty funny, but it can't be good for the airport. 2V2 is a great airport especially for teaching/learning landings, take-offs and go-arounds.

Anyone up for a fly-in to the Zweck farm?


Nov 26, 2001
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This Guy Cracks Me Up!

Oh wahhhhhhh....

6. 2/17.***** Tom Zweck, 776-1171 called at 3:45 p.m. to complain about the skydivers opening their chutes over his farm making popping noises, the skydiving plane flying north over his farm and litter on his property from the skydivers.***** Tom also called Barb Huner twice and Phil DelVecchio once about the same.

And now we're disgusting!

19. 3/23. Tom Zweck called at 12:50 to complain about airplanes doing touch and go’s over his house. He said the pilots disgust him as they have a total lack of disregard for people on the ground and that actions like these pollute the valley.

One of my favorites...

21. 3/22. Tom Zweck called Barb at 9:58 to complain about two noisy airplanes doing touch and go’s. He said the pilots have total disregard for those on the ground and that they shouldn’t be allowed to use the airport. He believes the pilots are using their planes as toys to create a bunch of noise and that they don’t follow the good neighbor policy or noise abatement policy.***** He also complained that the lights at the airport at night are too bright and that the Airport Manager broke a promise to***** about dimming the lights last year.

Awe....poor baby...

28. 3/31. Tom Zweck called again at 10:30 to complain about all the airplanes that are flying today. He said they have totally ruined his Sunday.

Wanna guess who made this call?

29. 3/31. An anonymous man called at 10:30 to complain that all the airport users are low class trash. All he could hear at Sunday service was an airplane and he said all pilots are disciples of the devil and that we are all going to***** go to hell.

Now their not making noise (being a good neighbor) but still ticking him off!

57. 4/27. Tom Zweck called me once and Barb three times between 9:10 and 9:45 to complain about various airplanes flying over his house and farm. Two of the planes he said were making no noise at all, but they kept flying over his head. One airplane was flying way too low and he gestured to the airplane and there was also a blue plane that he said was a flagrant offender to the airport Good Neighbor policy. He also said the skydive plane was making too much noise and that this has been a sickening morning that is nothing but insane.

Could it GET any better???

92. 6/9. Tom Zweck called to say he hasn’t heard an airplane all day and that it has been eerily quiet today. He wanted to know why nobody was flying today. He said the last time the airport was this quiet was September 12th.

This guy is a real tool. Wouldn't you just love to go in there in say, A LEAR 25! :laugh:

Shame on me ;)


I do deny them my essence
Mar 10, 2003
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We should organize a Harley ride up to the farm. Every Sunday!


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Aug 12, 2004
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lets have his coordinates and we'll call in the F-18 guy that buzzed the strip in California a few years ago - wait, he's in some remote outpost filing papers - well, lets get some nice noise-maker to send him some personal glass-rattlin' thunder - maybe he'll choke on his bile and keel over.

gear goes down

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Oct 25, 2005
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This guy just has nothing to do with his life and nothing left to live for. Just some random person that complains about everything. He probable even complains about his priest at his church, or just church in general.


Freight Dawgs Rule
Dec 17, 2003
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What's funny, is pukes like this will tell you that people shouldn't be allowed to own sound suppressors for their firearms as well.

Yea, I'd say give him all both barrels. Find a neighbor that will sponser that poker run for the Harleys or sponser that charity concert in their backyard (with proper permits of course) and do it every weekend you find someone willing to participate.
Apr 15, 2004
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i heard people call his house and make airplane noises, like dive bomber sounds, then machine guns, and bombs exploding