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Airplane rental in Chicago area.

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Well-known member
Nov 30, 2001
Can anyone recommend a good place to rent a/c in the Chicago area? Probably Dupage, Aurora or Clow would be good. Looking for the best value.

I'd like a reasonably priced twin. Second would be a single that does over 140 kts.

Any instructor jobs up there?

thanks for the info...

You can look up almost any airport and see the FBO's associated with each. Most have web sites.

In case you don't get any replys.
A friend of mine used to rent an Azteck out of Shaumburg for $130 wet a few months ago. His check out was only like 1.5 which isn't too bad. Might be worth taking a ride out there to see if they are still renting it for that price.

Luman Air out of Aurora had a Dutchess that I used to rent. Decent plane, but a little expensive for a Dutchess if you ask me. $165 wet plus the check out which was one flight about 2 hours if you had I think 500TT and 50 multi. Otherwise it was a 10 hour checkout. Ouch!

Cougar Aviation has a Grumman Cougar that they rent, but i'm not sure how much they charge or what the check out is like.

Illinois Aviation Academy (formerly Scott Aviation) out of DuPage has an Azteck (I think) that they rent. Again not sure on the price or checkout. Scott used to have a Seneca V that they charged some rediculous rate for... somewhere in the neighborhood of $300/hour. Not sure if it's still there though.

Clow had a C310 that they charged, I think, $210/hour wet. I can't remember what the checkout was though.

I'm not sure about singles, but I would check Illinois Aviation Academy. When it was Scott, I think they had some faster singles like a C182.

You might be talking about Fox Flying Club out of DuPage. Some of my old students looked into them a while back. If I remember correctly, I think there was a waiting list to become a member, not sure though.

There is also another flying club out of Naper Aero right off of Rt 59 just south of 75th Street. I believe they had an Archer and a Debonaire as well as a few other singles. Don't think they had any multi though.

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