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AIRPAC AIRLINES or other west coast 135

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Well-known member
Jan 6, 2002
Know anything about AIRPAC Airlines in Washington State? About to hit IFR 135 Mins and was wondering about good 135 operations in the west.
I've known a number of people who've flown for them. A decent outfit from what I've been told. Keep in mind it is a 135 operation, (they all have squawks) do this and you'll be alright. Lots of IMC, icing and cold winter night flying... don't forget the clouds in the northwest have rocks in them. A valuable experience that is sure to make you a better pilot. Good luck.
I'm a former airpac......(icepac) pilot. It's a pretty good place to build some quality time before hitting a commuter. Greg, the owner, has an open checkbook when it comes to maintenance. A couple of the training guys are horizon pilots that come back and give checkrides for the extra dough$$. Just don't do anything dumb, like hit a mountain, and you'll have a good time. Seneca's are not the best in the ice but usually your just carrying styrofoam boxes with medical stuff so your not heavy. The chieftan is a great all around airplane. I think the beech 99 is parked but they may still have a couple C-404's hanging around. The 404 is a cool airplane but you have to baby the engines. After a winter there you'll be ready for anything.
Have fun and good luck
Another excellent 135 oppportunity on the west coast in Ameriflight. I have been out of the loop there for a couple of years now but enjoyed my experience. Progression to turbine equipment was relatively quick though I'm sure that has changed in the current climate. Give them a look!
I have been talking with AirPac for awhile, and they aren't hiring for awhile, nor have they in the last 4-5 months to my knowledge.
I have also been talking to other 135 outfits in the Northwest, and they aren't hiring as well. So good luck, let me know if something happens for you.


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