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Dec 12, 2001
any of you airnet guys know what day the pilot recruitment hotline is updated? i know it's only the 2nd, but i thought they would update on the 1st. just curious. also, what about hiring? anything going on as far as class dates? 900/100 competitive minimums? could i do 900/20? just looking for some answers. thanks guys.

talked last Friday

Talked to them last Friday and not much going on. They do have a class every now and again but they can go through the rest of year with what they have and well into next
If anyone inside Airnet can tell us how large their pool is? estimate? Otherwise, even if you have 3000 hrs. they wouldn't sniff at you for another 6 months, unless all of a sudden they get 10 new runs or something like that. I'm in the same boat, just got my 135 min, but hiring's slow. Hopefully things'll turn around early next year.
Unlike the past, we aren't the ones to look at with hopeful eyes right now. We have at least 6 guys sitting reserve and I don't know how many in the pool. Our runs are getting lighter and revenue is down due to the economic downturn. Use the financial reports and stock trends such as Bloomberg and you'll get a good idea of what's happening (NYSE:ANS). When that starts looking up, we'll start hiring again. It's all relative. I wouldn't count on anything for the rest of the year. Noone's going anywhere either which doesn't help the situation.

Sorry for the bad news, but it's reality.

Stay current, update your online res once a month and Good luck

starvingcfi and anothercfii,

You guys might want to try Flight Express. You have to do your time in a 210 until a Baron run opens up, but we are usually(?) hiring. We are slow like everyone else right now. But every time I think we couldn't possibly be hiring, we are having another class. The pay here is pretty good and can be as high as 35k a year depending on the run, not necesarily seniority. Minimum pay is $19,500 a year so be ready for that too. It all depends on what runs are available when you finish class. It's not Airnet, but it is flying for money!!!!

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