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Airnet Pilot Question

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Active member
Mar 21, 2002
Hey Airnetters...

Any of you know how I could find out what domiciles the Caravans are based at?

Thanks in advance.

I know they have one in MEM and NEW, and i thought they had one in STP and then a couple in CMH. Other than that i have no clue. Unfortunately i don't know where to find the list of van bases.
BDL and OMA also
TEB, RIC, BDL, PHL, New Orleans, Minneapolis are some other bases
I think we have one in either Memphis or Nashville, maybee both
Prop base in HOU?

I have looked at the bases listed on the website, but have also heard rumors of a prop domicile in Houston. Any truth to this? If so, is it hard to get?

Yeah, we "HAD" a prop base in HOU until about a week ago, actually i think it was exactly a week ago. There were two runs out of there, but i know they cancelled the day run because the customer wants to fly thier stuff out of SAT now, and the second one, the night one, was suppossed to stop as well and possibly be moved down to the valley where they "MIGHT" change it to a caravan or a lear. Now both of the new locations are hypothetical until they can get off their duff and figure out where and what will work best, but until then the HOU prop guys, and gals, are on reserve doing a lot of nothing. Now the HOU Lear is staying put where it is. We are also handing over our ground ops to the CHEAP Telesys/ Telesis (however it is spelled) company who is going to courier for much less than paying our own people to do it. Bad move in my opinion, but i don't make those decisions.

So i hope that helps in your search for answers, and by the way, it was a pretty junior location.

This may also help, there is a nasty rumor going around about a few new props coming into Birmingham, but I know nothing of it but hearsay from other pilots.

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