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Airnet People I Need Your Help ASAP

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I just got a message from Bob saying something about a possible interview. I am not at home it's from my girlfriend who is relaying the message. I guess it said to call back on Monday it is now Friday. Do I call now do I wait till Monday?
Anyway what should I expect, and what should I study? I'm guessing some kind of phone interview. Please help I'm very excited this is my first real interview outside of my instructing job.

Thank You in advance
Hi Jay,

I would leave a message on Bob's email with the intent to return his call on Monday. They really like you to be proactive. Study hard core all of the 91 regs (especially instrument related), get your scan top notch and get some Frasca 142 time. Everything you need to know about the interview can be found at Interview Gouge

Good luck, I start class Jan. 2nd.
Why wait?? Call today....if you dont, that job might go to the other guy /gal who did call. If no one is there leave a message and follow up first thing monday morning.

Be persistant, but not annoying......good luck.

Oops, I meant to say voicemail.....not email

They have been going forward quite nicely, Bob and Craig are very nice and you need to relax. Interviewers want you to be successful. Inly being too clever or assuming will hurt you.

Airnet will be my guest on AvCareer.TV on the 9th of January to take questions about 2002
Stay calm about it all. If Bob is calling you then they are very interrested in what you have to offer. If you have already taken the phone interview through Air Inc. and now Bob is calling you, then plan on setting up your interview within the next few weeks. They will also not offer the interview if they do not want you to come work for the company.

As far as studting for the interview...
only study 61/91 regs, NO 135 at all.
know the AIM
have an excellent instrument scan for the sim, but don't worry about your flying skills at this point. we have had people wreck the sim because they were unfamiliar with a frasca, but they had a wonderful scan and are working for the company. The frasca is VERY pitch sensitive, and i myself Vmc'd the sim but recoverred, because of it.
Also know the twin you have flown the most like the back of your hand. They will ask you a lot of questions about it.

That's pretty much it.

So to recap:
If Bob called then plan on interviewing soon.
For the interview study the above.
Pretty easy huh!?!?!?
A freind of mine worked for Airnet , and he really liked it there , I think one of the questions that Washka ask in the interview is .
(If you have an engine failure after takeoff with max take off weight ,and you maintain blue line but you are still losing altitude what will you do? ) , the awnser is to go to VXSE.
The question asked is, " If you are under max weight and have an engine failure and Vyse isn't gonna cut it, what speed do you aim for?". The answer is a few know less than Vyse. Vyse is a speed to use if you are at max weight, if you are lighter your speed will be slightly less.
Yea, tcol777 is right on about what to say. I think there are some interview experiences for Airnet on aviationinterviews.com in which people were asked this question. When asked if Vyse wasn't producing a climb, their response was: "pitch up higher!" and according to them, that's what the interviewers were looking for. It pretty much makes sense too.
So how did it go?

Jaybird, let us know how your phone interview with AirNet went. I have a couple friends that are hoping to get on with them soon. Hope it went well, good luck!

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