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Airnet or Mountair Air Cargo

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Active member
Nov 25, 2005
Hey all, about to hit my 135 mins and have been searching for the next job! These two companies look pretty good although MAC starts you off in a single which is the majority of my time:( I only have 50hrs multi and it looks like Airnet will put you in a baron. Any opinions or help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks
Maybe things have changed, but I'm pretty sure all of the FedEx C-208 feeders require 2000TT, period. I was told that this was a FedEx requirement, not MAC's, Barons, etc. Maybe they'd start you SIC in a F-27/ATR, whichever they have. Good luck with whichever you choose. I'm sure some Airnet/MAC guys will chime in soon. :)

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