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Airnet: Moving expenses

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Well-known member
Jan 26, 2002
I heard Airnet pay for moving expenses. How much do they give you? Or do they just give you a check after you complete training to help you get a new place and move?
Airnet will pay for one move per seat position (piston PIC, Jet SIC, Jet PIC). Depending on how far you have to go from home to your new base, you'll get reimbursed for things like mileage on your car or a U-Haul or movers or hotel while you're looking for a new place. The amount you get and the time you get to move depends on how far you're going, so going from Columbus to Cincy won't get very much but going LA to Boston will get a whole bunch. The exact details are spelled out in our ops manual.
They cover the direct cost of renting a U-Haul? I'm looking at a quote from U-Haul of about $1,600. Add some boxes, gasoline, bubble plastic etc, and the 2000-mile move will cost about $2400.

Is time off for relocation given immediately after passing training/being assigned a base? (Or does moving happen "later")?

You will be reimbursed for everything directly associated with moving (U-haul, boxes, milage, etc). I've heard of people using moving companies and getting reimbursed but I'm not sure whether it was in full or not. You submit an estimate before you move along with your reciepts after you're done and they cut you a check. I've never heard of anyone getting screwed after going over their estimate. I can't remember if we get per diem for moves and our intranet is down so I can't look it up.

Hotels and moving time are the big complaints with the moving policy. You will get 1 day for every 300 miles you have to drive. When you take it is negotiable-- most people couple it with days they would have off anyway so they get some extra time. Airnet will pay up to $50/day for hotels but only days you actually use-- in other words, you have 4 days to move but are able to drive it in two, you are only getting reimbursed for $100. They do not pay for a hotel while you look for a place; that is an old policy and I'm not certain when it changed.

Personally I think it sucks that you should have to spend money out of pocket to move for the company but they'll usually work with you to make the logistics work.

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