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Airnet Jumpseats

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Hey guys,
Was wondering how one would go about getting a jumpseat on one of your flights, phone numbers etc. I am with Air Wisconsin and I know we have a reciprocal agreement. I would be trying to get from Ord down to Jacksonville Fl. and vice versa. I used to ride on UPS alot but the only way they would take me now is if I wrapped myself in a box. Thanks in advance
You will need to give our dispatch a call and have them put you on the list for the flight. NO ONE gets on our planes unless you are on the list (not a reciprocal list, but just on the list as a rider when we check in). Once we know you are on the rider list for that day then the capt. gets to make the decision to let you on, mostly due to weight considerations.

I will send you the number to call.
Does this mean that Airnet jumpseats are back on?

Or only for pilots; 121 dispatcher here always looking for options...
Our jumpseats are open, but i don't know how far it extends right now. We definately have it open for reciprocals and those on our list for accepting 135 riders. On an assumption, and you know what good that is, I would venture to say that we might be taking others again. You know what happens when we assume though, so take that with a grain of salt.
We have had an agreement between companies for years but I understand your company is turning down all Airnet pilots because our agreement with United was suspended when they banned all 135 carriers. As of right now you can jump on us but you should call your jumpseat coordinator and see about getting this fixed or I'm sure Airnet will cancel the agreement if you can't reciprocate.
Any chance I can get that dispatch phone number? I'm looking to jumpseat on you guys out of MEM.

Also, I was up in DTW the other day and saw a airnet C208. when did you guys get those? Thanks
I will pm you the number to use.

We started VAN service around Oct. of last year. We have something like 8 I think slated to start service by the middle of this year with 4 or so starting next month. They mostly have to do with our new weekend contracts with the federal reserve. They can hold a lot, if you don't top them off, but they are really kinda slow... what do you expect from an oversized 172 though. They are nice planes though, especially with them being brand new.

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