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Airnet Hiree! Woopeee!!!!

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Active member
Mar 21, 2002
Hey, To EVERYBODY on this board.. THANK YOU! Especially starchkr and Wiggums.

Thanks to YOU GUYS and Gals, I was able to use this Board as a source of information.. studied and read your posts over many weeks.. made some inquiries about flying jobs.. got a lead and followed it like a blind man follows his seeing eye dog!

Two months later I am now in the pilot pool for Airnet!

You all are awesome!

Keep the posting. Keep the sharing. Keep the good karma blaring!

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Congratulations! Flying freight will be great experience for you.
Nice job.

Now, post your quals so that others will get a handle on what Airnet is currently using as realistic hiring mins, including whether or not you are a CFI.

This will help others prepare to follow you.

Good luck.
Welcome to the team! Don't forget to hit the Stop40 when you go to CMH for training.
Could you elaborate on the interview, quals, etc. I want to be there after some CFI time.

The interview was pretty straight up. A 60 question written exam, a sim ride, and an interview with HR.

My total times are sitting on around 1250 total and 95 multi.

They like folks who don't have too many hours, but just enough to meet Part 135 mins.

Unfortunately, right now, they're not hiring anybody new, and the few that they do are by referral only.

I hope this helps.

~ zoom
Other places to hit while in CMH...

Liberty's ... for the dancing people. Great night club with plenty of women. (just don't tell my wife we spent every weekend going there.)

Shooter's ... Another great night club with good dancing.

If you can manage to try to plan your training date's, try to go when it is warm. I
the only thing you'd pick up at Stop40 is gum on your shoe
congrats, i dont get to read this board to often anymore. hope to see you in cmh soon. ask for judy at the stop. hahaha

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