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Airnet Competitive Requirements

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Well-known member
Jul 3, 2002
I'm curious as to why you need a "valid restricted radiotelephone operator permit, Passport and a First class medical" to apply with Airnet?
Are they hiring?
1st class could be either for insurance puropses or the employer wants to make sure a crew member is able to hold that class of certificate for upgrade.

As far as the passport and RRTOP. Mostly likely for ops outside the USA if they do that kind of thing and or a lot of operators require one to have both.
might as well get the rrtop. they are good for life and the fee will only continue to go up. it is not needed for us and canada but hopefully you will use it later in your career.
JRAVI8TOR is right on the money. We want to make sure you can hold a first class medical, and the rrtop is for when/if you need to operate outside the us or canada.


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