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Airnet bases

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Airnet doesn't hire into bases. During training you will be given an opportunity to bid for available bases. The list of Airnet bases can be found on their website.
The key word was "available." You have three bid cycles to choose an available base or you will be assigned the next one that comes open no matter what.

All of the bases are on our website.
Hey starchkr,

Just curious -- which bases do newbies generally end up at?

--- Snoopy
It's always hard to answer where the new guys end up, because it all depends on what comes open at the time they finish class. I would say that the north and north east tend to come open the most so it is always a good possibility to end up in those areas. It does happen that every once in awhile a southern base will come open and a new guy can hold it right out of class because nobody else will take it. It is really all chance as to what they get. I wish i could answer better, but i really can't.

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