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Airman Flight School

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Feb 6, 2002
Would anyone out there like to comment about these guys. I have decided to go the cfi route and it seems this place spits 'em out pretty fast. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks All!!
Click on 'search', and look under 'CFI'. There was a discussion last week.

Tail Twister,

I went there to take my FEX last year. They're nice folks, however, I was not impressed with their classrooms and briefing rooms. I thought the building was in poor condition. They do have a lot of airplanes on the ramp and are constantly flying. They have a website, in case you didn't know about it. It is:


They have deals with the motels in the area for special rates and transportation to/from the airport. PM if there's any info you want me to obtain for you. Fly safe.


I lived in OKC and learned to fly there. I left about fourteen years ago. OUN is a nice airport.

I'm just curious who Airman uses as its examiner now. I remember that Bennie Blaylock was on the field.

Thanks in advance for all responses.
I instructed there back in the mid-90's, and still visit from time to time. Their examiner is a guy named Will DeGraw. Big, intimidating type, but cool once you get to know him.

Yeah, we really cranked out the CFI's, that's for sure. Flew my BUTT off when I worked there. They'll give you a job if they need CFI's. I didn't go there for any training, I just walked in one day looking for my first CFI job, and a bunch of guys had just left for the regionals. They asked me if I wanted the job on the spot! Timing is everything......
Airman DE

Thanks. Just was curious.

Don't forget about the great BBQ in the area, in Ada at Bob's Bar-B-Que in particular. It's walking distance from the airport.
Mmmmm Bob's.... good stuff.

I instructed there a few years ago, mostly teaching CFI's. Not sure how things are now, but back then I had no problem finishing students in two weeks if they put the needed effort in and the weather wasn't too bad.

I would recommend studying the written material before-hand so you can knock the written out right away, and have plenty of time to go to O'Connells and check out the sorority girls!
Airman also has flat rate training which is very important. If it takes you more time to finish your rating, they don't charge you extra. That is huge because at a lot of flight schools, you are duped into thinking they have a good rate for flight training, but in the end you pay 10-20% more because it took you longer than the faa mins. They probably have this deal b/c they really work you. You will be busy ALL day every day until you are done. I've heard nothing but good things about them. It's a very good program if you want to go the CFI route.

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