Airlines Vs. Corporate?


Jan 26, 2002
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Ok folks, knowing that any job is better than no job; I'm just curious about getting some unbiased opinions here. Anything and everything is appreciated. I want to know what you think are the pros and cons of corporate and airline flying. Care to help me out?

I'll start by saying:

Pay: long-term, airline but a good corporate dept offers good salary sooner without the top-end pay

Equipment: corporate by and large

nights at home: most corporate or senior airliners

stability: tough one...airlines furlough and buy each other out but corporate depts are the first thing to go during recessions. Also, retirement age and type medical required can vary.

Any other thoughts?


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Nov 25, 2001
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How is the corporate equipment better? How can a G!V compare to a 757??

or Lear to CRJ....


Does it really matter anyway?


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Nov 26, 2001
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If the decision was based only on equipment flown, then I'd go corp in a second. I'd say a G5 tops a 757, and a Lear 60 is defiantly a better ride then a CRJ.

If you like corp, and stability you might want to look into the fractionals, especially ERJ. The backing of Warren Buffet is a big plus.


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Nov 25, 2001
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From a buddy who flew GVs and GIVs for Flight Safety and now works at FedEx....

Ask how many guys have 20 year careers as corporate pilots....

Frequent quotes...

" was great, then we got bought out, and X sold our aviation division..."

" was great until old ---- came in. He wanted his own boys, so he made all of us fly weekends, on call, etc. until we finally couldn't take it and quit..."

" was great, then our company decided to do some cost cutting and sold one/all of our fleet...."

There is almost always a "story" and a guy has to make a career change at the 8-15 year point. That's just about the time the widebody capt pay is hitting you at a major. You also have seniority, so a new flight ops manager can't single you out and make your life miserable. You have A/B funds acquiring value.

If you want lifestyle--corporate may or may not be a good choice depending on tastes. As wildly unstable as the airline business is, however, there are always a lot of corporate guys hanging out at the FBO waiting for their next leg with a sad tale or too of turnover and "the job that USED to be great".
Caveat emptor.

Just my always....I may be wrong.