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Airliners.net Basement Accident Investigator

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Well-known member
Jun 5, 2005
With the recent A340 accident and all of the airliners.net forum basement accident investigators....You have to love jetphotos.net's "About Us" portion of their website :

We're people who live and breathe aviation. We're people who are perfectly content to spend hours on end sitting at the end of an airport runway. We're people who look to the sky whenever the faint sound of jet engines can be heard, squinting into the sun to catch that one glimpse of the marvelous machine flying above our heads.

We're people who snap hundreds of photos of different airliners, meticulously categorize them, and store them to someday show our friends and family. We're people who never look at an airplane without thinking "I wish I was on that plane."

We're people who don't believe that one should have to own a $5000 camera, and be a professional photographer, to get their photos accepted into an online airliner photo database.

We're people who believe that discussion forums should be moderated in a fair way, with all opinions holding equal importance, and special treatment being given to noone.

We're Plane Spotters.

I genuinely hope you enjoy your visit to our website!

Best Regards,

Chris Kilroy
Founder, JetPhotos.Net


I couldn't put it in better words myself. So if your tired of that too take a look at www.jetphotos.net



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