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Airline Stocks

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Nov 30, 2001
Anyone a buyer at these levels? Holy cow there seem to be some bargains. U for 44 cents, UAL 2.50 and you could have had it for less than 2 earlier. 25% return in one day isn't bad. AMR for 8.50.

There has to be some easy doubles in the airline group.

take care, good luck.
Bargains out there, double your investment?

UAL was at $35 last year at this time. Thats only a -94% change.
My question is will it ever get back to 35 again? I don't honestly think so.

There were people who bought Ma Bell stock in the '30s at similar prices and became jillionaires forty years later, long before Global Crossing and Worldcom-style accounting.

Maybe a round lot (100 shares) of UAL for $250.00 might be worth the risk - that is, if you have $250.00 burning a hole in your pocket.

Intriguing . . . . .
Don't get sucked in. This stuff happens a lot. Look at Enron, the lower it got, the better deal people viewed it as. You look at UAL and you see that price and you think man that is a great deal. But in the end, your stock won't even be worth the paper it's printed on.
Personally, I think some of the regionals are good buys. Skywest and ACA have been taken down due to United. If United goes under, I guess that could impact their bottom line. On the other hand, Delta relies heavily on Skywest, so whoever takes over United might do the same.

Everyone on this board agrees that mainlines are trying to get around scope and push flying out to the regionals. The regionals are hiring, they are making money, and they are growing. I doubt that trend will end any time soon.

You might want to check out the message boards on finance.yahoo.com for some financial discussions.
Don't buy U or United, any bankruptcy will likely wipe out the value of the stock. Creditors and bondholders have priority over equity holders, as an equity holder, you as an owner have accepted this risk. Even new equity holders, with new stock issuance, after the bankruptcy will be given priority since it is a new risk they are now accepting.

Some attractive prices out there with good companies included CAL and Northwest. Northwest is additionally appealing since they do not face the same type of intense price competition in the Asian markets as is encountered by purely continental US airlines. Of course there is always Southwest and JetBlue, though I think JB is fully valued.
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DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THIS SECTOR ANY MORE..................:confused:

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