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Airline Regulation

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That would be a huge step backwards. And since when has anything ever been fixed by the government stepping in and taking over? Its simply survival of the most creative and adaptive companies right now.
The airlines are abosolutely regulated. Obviously not at the same level as pre 1978, but we are still regulated nontheless. The FAA still tells us what can and cannot be done. They just don't tell us what routes to fly and how much to charge.
I would have to agree that keeping government out of the picture is a good idea. I think it is ok for them to help out airlines who were at least reasonably healthy before 911, because it is essentially repairing war damage, and serves a public good becuause the success of the airlines will help keep the economy going. We need to be very very careful about letting the government come in and get rid of competition in private industry though. There is a word for that kind of thing....


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