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Airline Pilot Suits (uniforms)

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
Does the airline give you the uniforms (for lack of a better word) or do you get them made on your own. I have some pilots who look real smart and professional in their airline suits while others look almost like factory workers.

So who gives the suits. I have heard at some airlines they brag that they had a special designer who helped them. ANy truth to this?
Most airlines have you pay for your first suit, er, uniform and deduct the price out of your paycheck over several months. I think they're called uniforms because they give the wearers a "uniform" appearance. I could be wrong though.

Some look better in them than others because some look better with nothing on at all than others. It's simple physics.

Yes, some airlines have clothing designers advise them on their uniforms. I believe back in the early '80s, then CEO of UAL, Dick Ferris contracted with Earl Scruggs to develop the "Rhapsody In Brown" ensemble.

Hope this helps!

JetBlue paid for our basic uniforms--overcoat, suit coat, 2 pants, 4 shirts, belt, epaulet rank, and 2 ties--but that is rare in this business. Done through a shop in Miami while we were in sim training, the total bill comes close to $1,000. They hired a designer to design uniforms for everybody from pilots and FAs to rampers and gate agents. Although our actual pants and jackets are not that unique (standard navy blue), the blue shirts and blue stripes stand out in a crowd.
Both FedEx and UPS pay for the uniform, FedEx by reimbursing $300 the first year and $150/year after that, UPS more directly just provides it, I believe.

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