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Airline MIL leave and ART

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Well-known member
Aug 27, 2005
Anyone know of any success stories of someone obtaining MIL leave from an airline to accept an ART position?
I know a few guys doing it but they are just rolling the dice, hoping they will not get caught. None of the airline they work for asked for any letters, they just said they were taking mil leave and were not too specific with what the duties were. If asked for letter, I am very sure they could find someone to sign a letter stating they were performing military duties...just be vague about the details. If they ask for orders, just tell them they are being processed and delayed....In the end if you have a good gig, don't risk it.
I know at least one that did at a regional. Not sure how, since there are no "orders" and it was a technician job.....

I'm hoping to have the same problem within 6 months or so! :)
We were just talking about that today in the squadron. I would not do it. If they catch you, they most likely will terminate you, but you'd have the ART job!
Yep, if caught done deal. I've heard of several stories about this, fired. I would be forthcoming with your employer, don't ruin mil leave for the rest of us, and those people trying to get jobs from your unit at airlines.
Bummer. Sounds like the best way to go about it is to write a letter, explaining the full time ART status honestly, and see if they will grant you leave anyway...
Depending on your company, you might be able to get a personal LOA, but not mil for the ART job. When I was an ART, I had to take mil leave to do military duty, just like I do now with the airline. Bottom line, the law is written for military duty and not civil service. Here is a link for you:

http://www.esgr.org/Site/USERRA/FAQ/tabid/94/Default.aspx That's the law!

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