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Jan 23, 2002
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According to USA Today, airlines are cutting back on meals. Does anyone know approx, how much a dinner meal costs on airlines such as United, Delta, British Airways, Etc.?

If they cut the meals, what else can "full service" airlines do to slash costs and provide the same service as low cost carriers like Jet Blue?

It appears that consumers only care about the lowest ticket price and nothing more. What is it going to take to give them what they want?

Maybe every airline should model themselves after South West and Jet Blue. Then they would not have to worry about Chap 11 every year.

Check out this meals site:

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Jul 29, 2002
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I read on a news site that Continental said it could save about $1 million annually just by giving smaller drinks and handing out plastic knives only on request.

The thing about the drinks is that they are already 75% ice and if you want the whole can, sorry campers, not anymore in this lifetime.

I also read that come high-frequent-flyer-mileage members of Congress are wanting to start regulating the airlines again. :rolleyes: Like Congress doesn't have enough fringe benefits as it is.

I found these news clips in the links at