airline interviews psych/ cognitive test


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Mar 14, 2002
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was wondering what other pilots opinions are about how much emphasis an airline places on a psychological/cognitive test during the interview processes. are they a pass fail test or does the airline look at the whole interview process (sim, actual interview, experience) and then make the decision? i have recently had an interview with an airline that administered those tests and while taking the cognitive test i started to think that the airline is judging our ability to fly an airplane, work well with other crewmembers, and our hard work ethic to be a pilot by our ability to ability to keep a line in a cirlce while remembering a number sequence at the same time. just seems a little odd that this is something the airlines use in making a decsion about pilot applicants that are already commercial, atp or type rated pilots by the faa. what do others think about these tests?


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Mar 10, 2002
I took one recently, probably at the same airline..I have no idea how I did on it but I was the first one done by a good ten minutes.. So I probably messed some stuff up!!!

I would think those things are just looked at if you royally mess up..Or maybe a make you or break you type thing if your on the chopping block but they can't decide whether to hire you or not?

Who knows.when I get to class I may ask that same question to the people that do the hiring.