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Aircraft Leasing Finance Questions Been there type of People?

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Well-known member
Feb 26, 2002
Anyone with real experience at Lease here on the finabcial side?

Looking into getting a dry lease on a Beechjet for an owner that we are flying his King Air and he wants to trade up and lease possibly while finding the right one and the King Air is sold or maybe buy what he leases.

I can't seem to get a straight answer on the cost.

I have been in aviation all my life but brokers are such bull artists.

If they came up with a truthful answer they may make a sale.

Just looking for the total cost on a 2000 to 2003 Beechjet hopefully with HF but not have to be

What the lease total cost and layout would be.

Owner being financially responsible for the scheduled maintenance and agreement on the unscheduled via an amount by the hour put toward maintenance.

The Lessee responsible for insurance crew handling storage landing fees fuel etc and as the operator responsible for the upkeep of making sure it is airworthy etc up to date....

So far the only on that spoke money said:

100 k total gone money up front for a 250 hour a year lease for a year,

12K a month for a 2002 Beechjet,

3K a month and 382 an hour towards airframe maintenance,

300.oo an hour for both engines total not each,

and 116 per landing.

Turning back in exlcudes wear and tear but no turn in fee.

We are the pilots for the could be lessee

My partner former US Air 16000 hour me laid off United 9500 hours both with substantial PIC Jet and I with A&P and IA heavy Maintenance and Inspection experience.

Yeah I knw its F.I. here but anyone with real experience?

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