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Airbus300 Survey



Did anyone else get paid to do the survey? I was contacted by phone and given a password to do a survey on the saftey issues of the A300 and its graphite tail. Pretty hush hush so far but 70 American pilots are refusing to fly it until they get some solid answers about that tail coming off below Va!


Its just a vintage VW
Nov 25, 2001
Total Time

What a concept.

The best was when this guy on Fox or CNN got on and said that pilots dont realize that they can bend or even "BREAK" an airplane if we put rapid control movements in to counteract some outside force. He didnt even mention the fact that airplanes can withstand some of the forces without coming apart.

Come on people. Was the American A300 above Va? I would have to guess no, but I'm only guessing, O.K.

Maybe some of you Airbus guys can chime in here.