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Airbus A380 Thrust Reversers

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Whale Rider

Unity is Our Strength
Nov 9, 2004
Airbus A380
From Wikipedia, the free encylopedia

Electrical thrust reversers are one of the items that are often faulty in service. The A380 was initially planned to do away with thrust reversers as it has more than enough braking capacity. The Federal Aviation Administration disagreed and Airbus elected to fit the 2 inboard engines with them. The A380 features electrical actuated thrust reversers. This gives better reliability than their pneumatic or hydraulic equivalents beside saving considerable weight.e free encyclopedia.

Well see how many Humpty Dumpty Jets go off the end.
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Humpty Dumpty jet. I like that.
sandman2122 said:
Call it what you want - I'll compare paychecks w/you after I checked out!!!

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Don't worry. It's French. It'll surrender........
I heard there are a problem with the landing gear...
It seems they didn't install a body gear steering and tires are not lasting on 90 degrees turn.

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