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Airborne to furlough another 6

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Well-known member
Dec 10, 2001
Airborne Express will furlough another 6 in July and rumor is 6 more in August. This doesn't sound like much but it's 1.5% added to more than 5% already on the the street.

Hopefully Deutsche Post rescues us or a dramatic increase in express catches them with their pants down.

Furloughing while in negoatiations seems to be the latest management tactic for controlling pilot costs and splitting union membership.
ABX will probably have to recall when the Feds finish their investigation of the PFE's and their bogus logbooks.
Someone called the FAA hotline claiming that some former PFE's that have upgraded to F/O and some that are building their flight time to upgrade to F/O have been padding time in their logbooks.

ABX's POI was charged with investigating the situation and said that he was going to audit the logbooks from all the PFE's that have ugraded and those that were in the process of doing so.
If a PFE padded a log book, how much time would they have to pad.

Arent they PFE's only requiring like 500 hours to be eligible for the position?

I think if a guy hardly has any flight time at all and he passes a check ride, he probobly deserves a medal, especially if he's in an DC-8.

I think some you may be a little upset with there seniority, I may be wrong though.
Good point. Only one has bid the 8 and he is in training now. some have bid the 9 and it has taken multiple attempts to qualify in some cases. Most now are bidding the 767, this seems to be the best transition as it does not heavily tax ones flying skills, at least as long as everything is working properly. Not a bad gig though, 767 FO at 600 hours and even better eligible for Capt. immediately upon getting an ATP!
Thats correct, but most of the guy have comman sense also.

But a few Fo's I have spoken with are bent out of shape becuase of the senoirity thing, some dont even recognize that fact.

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