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Airborne Flying Service

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They have a decent C-90 and I believe a piston twin (Aztec maybe?) About 3-4 months ago they were looking for a Chief Pilot for 135 ops. Didn't want to pay what the job was worth though. Haven't heard anything about how much they fly. Talk to the line guys at HOT, they would prob know more. Good luck.
I worked there for about 10 months, but that was about 4 or 5 years ago. I think they now have a Turbo Commander and still have the C340's and BE-58's. Very much a mom pop operation. Nice people though. Never forced me to do anything although they encouaged me to do a few things that I did not agree with. Bottom line is I did what I felt was right and they left me alone. Training was something like, here are the OPS Specs, fly with this CFI for a safty pilot, your check ride is in 2 weeks with our POI in LIT. They gave a company credit card and told me to put everything on it, no out of pocket. The forrest service work in the summer can lead to some long stays. All in all, not bad.
Their latest ad mentioned a Piper Cheyenne
Woops, I might have two different ops confused. There is an Air Med Flight operation, but I guess I thought it was called airborne Flying service. Anyway, as stated before, it is a small medical transport co. Sorry

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