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Air Wisconsin

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
?Havea question for any pilot flying for Air Wis. this might sound far fetched but iwas wondering if their mins are set standard. i do know they like someone to have 121 or 135 experience. do they ever hire CFIs with no regional experience. what about letter of recomendations. does this help if you can get letters from a pilot thats been there for 30 years and just retired, will this help me get an interview. im looking for aorund spring to summer time. ill haev around 1300 hours and 150 hours of multi by then. i know this is a long shot, but would like some info to help me out. and about this letter of rec would that atleast get me an interview i know it wont get me a job, but would it get me to them before having the 1500, and 500? any help would be helpful, thanks for your time.
Sorry to inform you, but since they have pilots on furlough, they are definitely not even hiring. When they do, with the number of pilots on the market they will have their top choices, which will probably mean those with lots of Part 121 time. Sorry, but until things turn around every job out there will be fought over extremely hard. WIsh there was a silver lining out there
I worked in Air Wisconsin dispatch from 1998-2000,when the hiring was good. I can't remember anyone that got hired that did not have previous 121 or 135 experience.
I would have to agree with the above posts that your chances are slim to none with low time and no 135 or 121. We hope to have our furloughees back sometime in summer, and I would imagine hiring would start in fall (this is pure speculation). I would recommend going somewhere to get some turbine 121 or 135 experience as a stepping stone. The LOR from a 30 year pilot would definitely help.

Even when we were hiring full throttle very few new hires had less than 1500/500, the exception being a few Lakers.
thanks guy for your repsonse, i just wanted some info, and you guys gave me exactly what i wanted. i figured they had furloughs, and i knew before sept 11 it was a hard company to get in with. ill keep on trying, but once again thanks for all your post, i do appreciate it.

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