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Air Wisconsin Status

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I haven't heard much out of the AWAC guys in a while. . . does anyone have information on recalls/possibility of hiring again? I am still interested in Air Wisconsin and would like to hear some good news! Thanks for any and all information and to the 40 furloughees, GOOD LUCK!

I, too, am curious as to what's going on over there. I've been in the pool since this past summer and am hearing that it could be a long time before we get called. I don't understand why ACA and Skywest are growing and Air Wisconsin is not. Any light some AWAC guys could shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I'm happy I'm still flying elsewhere. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE GUYS ON FURLOUGH!!
At Air Wis. we still have pilots on (time off without pay and benifits), yeah that sounds better. The word is that they won't be called back till the end of the year or later. We are getting rid of most of the 328's (keeping 10 or so) and recieving new RJs to replace them so we are not growing. SkyWest and ACA are growing the Delta side of operations. We are only true to United, which could come back to haunt us. I wish things were better but they are not.

Great Pic!

Only an ex-ATP guy an ex-UFS guy would have a lovely example of regurtitation in his profile!

Love it, sums up the industry nicely!

Ex-UFS Trailer Monkey
It does seem kind of weird how ACA and SkyWest are (relatively) thriving in the current economic downturn, while Air Wisconsin may be struggling a bit.

It is my understanding - I may be wrong- that Air Willy is struggling with financing their a/c and that they retired 3 BAe 146s and some 328 props are going to PSA.

Meanwhile our ORD hub seems to be growing by the day. I heard we're up to 100 movements/day out of there - and some of the cities we're adding we picked up from AWAC. But then I also heard AWAC was shifting some capacity out west to LAX and DEN.
We are shutting down the ORD 328 Base. We will have 10 328's left, all of which will be flying out of DEN. Most of the new RJs will also be based in DEN.

Don't know about any problems financing AC. The last I've heard is that the WTO ruling against the Canucks won't affect our financing deal with Bombardier.
Air Wisconsin will be growing again, but with the 328 fleet reduction (thanks United) and the retirement of a few 146's, it has temporarily stagnated. We will start having a net increase in our fleet in a few months (over the pre 9/11 numbers) as the new cl-65 orders roll in. Our staffing problem results from a hiring surge meant to staff all the new deliveries as well as keep the entire 328 fleet staffed. Unfortunately, UAL told our management in august to pare down the 328 fleet by 14 aircraft. Add 3 146's that were lost, and that is 17 aircraft that no longer need to be staffed. That's over 170 pilots, and with a pre furlough senioritylist of 670 pilots, it makes a big difference.

The good new is that things are looking up...we are now short Fo's in both the CL-65 and the 328. As things are redistributed,
perhaps we'll see our furloughee's back by the summer. For those in the pool, look for the fall possibly. It is a great place to work, it is sometimes frustrating that we have all our eggs in the UAL basket, and that sometimes it seems UAL doesn't pay back the loyalty.
Uncle Bunkle is all about raising the dead threads today.
Actually my nephew is writing a paper about airplanes which you no longer see. I searched for an article on BAE-146's and came up with this thread. So, where have they all gone? The desert? Africa?

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