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Air Wisconsin interview dates

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Oct 2, 2005
Noticed, that Wisky is looking for F.O.'s right now, has anybody received calls? A few of us put in two weeks ago and are waiting...

P.S. Sounds like Wisky is a fairly respectable regional option right?
I am in the same boat 2 weeks no call, i bet calls will go out after the holidays.
They are doing on the spot interviews at DFW in January at Air-Inc job fair. Pretty much everything stops for the holiday season up in Toon-town.
I got a call in late december and have an interview the middle of jan. They have a ton of interview dates open. I sent in my resume in october, and then it was walked in 3 days before the call. I would suguest that you have it walked in if you can.
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Yep, most are on vacation. Expect strong recruitment after the new year. If you are East coast or willing to deal with commuting to east coast (or move) then now is definitely the time to get in at AWAC. I don't recommend the commute but if you can deal with it then go for it. We are hiring like crazy for attrition. (yes, the schedules are bad). Whichever came first, the chicken or the egg (bad schedules or pilot attrition) makes no difference now. Schedules will only improve when we can staff up to descent levels. Even if schedules improve attrition probably won't slow but they will keep hiring until they get to where they want to be.
Had mine walked in a few weeks ago...nothing yet...
Ah well thats the way it is..don't know anyone at Wisky. Had stuff walked in to Mesa, and XJ a few weeks ago as well. Hopefully will hear back this week...
Just seems like Wisky would be the best option with XJ right there as well.
With the way things are developing at Indy, we'll hopefully be taking a lot of them

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