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Air Tran Pilots

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Jun 3, 2002
Looking for some information please. Is Air Tran in the CASS system, and does the flight from ATL to Pensocola FL. Have weight limits; I'm not sure which plane you fly on that route. The flights are filling up fast early NOV. Not sure if I'm going to buy a ticket or J-seat. Thanks in advance.
AirTran is not a member of CASS. We are told we are not going to become involved until it is approved.

No, the PNS flights are not weight limited, lol. The 717 would be the aircraft.

Weather you buy or jumpseat is up to you. If you don't want the headache, wait for a sale and buy the $59 pass

Not involved till it get's approved? It is approved, did you mean something else? Is there some time frame for it?


From our union's website

The saga continues in the form of extensions to the test phase of the program. The latest published date is August 15th, just two days away.
Your jumpseat committee will inform you when the turnover is complete as I am sure the deadline in two days will likely not be met. We are in the process of preparing an application to the FAA and TSA for membership in CASS.

Why isn't AirTran a member of the ATA or just join the ATA? The problem is that the interests of the ATA, and the members it represents, don't always dovetail with the interests of AirTran. AirTran created the Air Carrier Association (http://www.acaa1.com/) whose purpose more closely monitors the interests of several low-cost carriers. For instance, the two associations may agree on positions regarding the Air Carrier Access Act, but disagree on issues such as allocation at slot controlled airports. Eventually though, this will not be an issue when the ATA is no longer the administrator of the CASS program.

Please keep the comments and concerns you see out on the line coming as
they help make jumpseating easier for everyone.
From my 717 days, I would say that the only weight limit for PNS would involve a landing weight at PNS when you need an alternate, and it is far away, AND you are loaded down with Navy personnel and their heavy milspec bags.

If you are concerned, you could inquire if it looks like a large Navy group is listed . . . .
I guess a more accurate statement would be that CASS is still in test phase. The program is under the auspices of the great TSA, but for now, requires membership in the Air Transport Association. It is thought that once it is allowed out of the test phase that it will be opened up to the three other airlines that are not members of the ATA.

AirTran wants to participate in CASS like everyone else already is, but can't yet.

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