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air tanker down...

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just a member, not senior
Nov 26, 2001
My stomach turned watching the 10 o'clock news just now.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the crew.
Hope it was no one on this board as I know there are some tanker pilots here.
I read on the internet that it was Hawkins & Powers.

C-130, no survivors.

I was watching on Fox News which had the better footage of it, it appears both wing were seperated at the wing root.

It is very sad indeed, prayers to the families.

Rest in peace fellow aviators, I will pray for your families.

"We're from your flock, Jonathan. We are your brothers." The words were stong and calm. "We've come to take you higer, to take you home."

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

It is truly sad to loose fellow gulls. Good tailwinds.........
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The tanker was Hawkins & Powers T-130, a C-130A. I know that airplane; I did my flight engineer turboprop practical in it. The crew was Steve Waas (Captain), Craig LaBare (Copilot), and Mike Davis (FE). I flew with all of them. Experienced, good crew.

I flew that airplane back from Mexico several years ago with a cracked wing. Cracking in the wings has been an ongoing problem for several years now. I helped replace two wings on that airplane, and assisted in the ultrasonic testing of the structure externally, and inside the tanks. I spent a lot of time in that airplane.

The wing came off over the Cannon fire during a drop.

Three good men who will certainly be missed. Not the first, and not the last; the season is still early. This event can only serve as a powerful reminder that we are all mortal. Enjoy what time you have here; Steve, Craig, and Mike certainly did. Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. In such a small tanker community, these men were friends to all. Often after a death, the words are spoken, waved, mouthed in gest out of deferrence to the dead. In this case they were true. These three were liked for who they were, what they did, and how they made others feel. I can vouch for that, personally.

I wrote a pathetically ameature poem a few years ago while sitting at alert in tanker 130 with Steve Waas and Mike Davis, in Klamath Falls. It sits in my logbook beneath a picture of my 4Y taxiing away, covered in red mud. My heart goes out again to the families of those who have lost, and who will yet lose (but who don't know it yet). Fly safe, everyone.

Silent metal shudders still, ancient twinge of lifeblood past,
Of wings that once knew glory high, and young men's lives now gone behind.
In legend, poem, the names gone black with memories death,
And peeling primer etched with blood and sweat.
She carried blombs, but now red mud,
To give hope back to forests pleading, small new life, enchanted children.
Amid towering cumulus clouds she claws a
Path of noise and smoke.
And shakes the hearts of those who look up
At the silver angel sent from God.
Men and women clothed alike, in dirt and ash
And yellow shirts, are circled-in by
Flames of hell and pray as only needy can
For salvation through the trees, a miracle.
And lo! The Air Tanker has arrived!
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Video Link

For those of you who didn't get a chance to see the chilling video, I posted a link to my website where I'll host it for a few days. Thanks for the info, Avbug, I mourn their loss alongside of you. Video courtesy of Fox News.


Crash Video
Thanks avbug, appreciate you sharing your loss. People can talk all they want about the airlines but the real pilot's all live and work out of Greybull, Wy. Thanks.
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Opening a TWA memorial newsletter about the employees lost on TWA800. I find a pilot that once worked with me at Scenic Airlines. I could hardly believe my eyes. Life can be short, I'm with you, enjoy it while you're here. I know my friend, TWA/ FO Doug Eshelman did. From what I could gather, Doug was flying standy, then working the return flight the following day.

You have honored your friends with the upmost respect.
Thank you for sharing in these difficult times.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and their families.

Sincerely, 8sm

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