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Air Now ?'s

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Nov 27, 2001
Anyone ever flown for these guys? Ive got their web address but thats all. Just trying to get a feel for if they are legit or not.
They are a little sketchy with the details on the website, but they do exist, if that makes you feel better. I ran into one of their older guys with his wife, it seems they were "vacationing" in a company Caravan. Whatever. They have some Embraer Bandeirantes and 208s. I haven't yet figured out their business model, what their niche is. They are based up here in Vemont, but you hardly ever see their aircraft parked at any of the busy airports.
Air Now is legit. i was based out of BTV for a few years and ran into those guys constantly. They do a fair amount of single pilot work in the Bandit. Seems to be a decent group to work for, you just need to be up on non-precision approaches into dodgy airports.

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