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Jun 9, 2004
I know things have been posted about Air Now, but I have a few specific questions. They have a few openings up in Maine and I was wondering what a typical day is like. They have both the Bandit and the Caravan open. The flying is only around 45 minutes or less each way in either aircraft. They mentioned a crew house. How does this work out. Can you actually get sleep? Do you have to pay rent? What time do you report to the airport (MHT) in the morning? What aircraft would you pick and why (if choice was given)? Is this Monday Night through Saturday morning? Do we have to unload aircraft and how does it usually take? Anyway thanks for all of your help. Many thanks in advance.
I'm a Wiggins pilot who flies UPS boxes into MHT. I can't tell you much about company-specific Air Now deals, but I can tell you about flying UPS runs in Maine.

UPS unloads you in MHT, but you do the loading yourself, and you unload at your base. This means a guy puts a box in your plane, and you have to pack it yourself. Loading and unloading takes between five and ten minutes depending on what your freight is like. Wiggins has us show up around 0530 in the morning, but AirNow guys come on later, depending on when the jet from Louisville shows up.

Most of the Maine AirNow pilots are a pretty good bunch. I haven't met any that I didn't get along with. Their mechanic who sits in the morning truck is cool, too.
how about routes/times.. do they fly those all night runs? or do they do a lot of daytime stuff?

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