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Air National Guard FWQC

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Feb 6, 2002
I'm currently an Army AH-64A IP stationed in Korea and have a question about the Fixed Wing Qualification Course for the Air Guard. I'm a 31 year old Chief Warrant Officer 2 interested in joining an Air Guard Unit upon completion of my obligation (Sep 2002) I understand there is an abreviated course for Military Rotory Wing Qualified Pilots applying for an Air Guard fixed wing pilot position. Does anyone have any information on this course or on any units currently accepting pilot applicants?

Thanks in advance

The FWQ course is a slightly abbreviated version of UPT. The course is basically UPT minus a few flights and some of the harassment. Count on still spending close to a year in flight school, plus the Guard OCS course in Knoxville and whatever follow-on training you'll need for your weapons system.

As far as which units are hiring, check out the baseops.net hiring page.


Let me know if you have any more specific questions...

Thanks alot for the info on FWQ.

Website is very helpful.

Fly Safe
RONIN: have you checked out the message board at www.aptap.org? there are a ton of former mil helo bubbas that have been through the process you are talking about on there...

T1BUBBA: is the guard OCS in knoxville the same as the academy of mil science?
I thought it was gone?

I think they did away with that in the late 90's after a 38 accident.
But hey, I could be wrong, I've been before.


-38's for everyone, WEEEEEEE here we go, oops whats that, don't worry we have the cross stuff they talked about in systems
FWQ is alive and well in T-37's and T-1's, I have no idea whether they have it in T-38's.

Anaconda: That may be the official name for it. I don't know much about it, just remember some of my former Army FWQ students talking about how easy it was...


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