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Air Midwest

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Anyone know if Air Midwest is hiring?
I heard they called back all their
furloughed pilots.
Also, will they require you to resign a
major's seniority number.
Air Midwest is a subsidiary of Mesa Air Group and shares the same pilot group as Mesa Airlines (as opposed to the other MAG company CCAir which has a seperate pilot group).

Mesa is not currently hiring and has not recalled all of their pilots yet. Mesa recalled 73 pilots two weeks ago and most of them were assigned to Air Midwest, although a handful got assigned Mesa on the Dash 8. There are still 66 pilots left on furlough, of which I am one.

My guess is it will be a while before Mesa begins hiring again. Even after all of us are recalled Mesa has a lot of graduates of the Mesa Pilot Development Program who have been waiting for spots since 9/11. MAPD is still churning out pilots so that group keeps growing.

The future of hiring at Mesa/Air Midwest will depend on how fast the contract issue is resolved and how many pilots bid over to Freedom Airlines (another long story - let me know if you want that one too).

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the info.

I'm a former Mesa/Air Midwest guy.
currently on furlough.
I talked to a buddy at Mesa yesterday and he said that
Air Midwest was short on 1900 pilots. i thought that
sounded strange. But he said they picked up
some new EAS routes and were adding some 1900s.
He was suggesting I should try
to get my jop back at Air Midwest. But if they still have people on
furlough, I guess they are not so short.

What is going on with Freedom Air?
I heard JO has not been able to get a certificate from
the FAA. I guess he can always buy one from someone.
I have heard that they are probably taking the DFW routes from Big Sky Airlines. I have been trying to get an interview there and a friend of mine that flies for Big Sky said that most likely Mesa won the bid for those EAS cities. The cities are:
Brownwood, TX
Ponca City, OK
Enid, OK
Hot Springs, AR
Jonesboro, AR
El Dorado, AR

I guess the announcement is sometime this week. Great for Mesa, bad for Big Sky (temporarily). Big Sky is trying to expand in the north anyway, so it would benefit them in the long run.
MESA has bid on the routes and there is no word on whether or not they would get them. We also bid on Almagordo, NM and Show Low, AZ and were underbid. Show Low actually weas lost to 9 SEAT OPERATOR WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE AND NO PLANE!!
We also bid on Alliance, Chadron, and North Platte NE. once again, no word on if we got them. AMW is down to 39 1900's.
It was my understanding that Show Lo AZ was bid with Gallup, NM by that "airline" to go to phoenix.

I have not heard on Gallup as of yet due to disputes on the bidding process by two airlines, Air Midwest and Rio Grande. They both changed there bids from Albuquerque to Phoenix after the due date of the bids. Air Midwest is also going to start flying to phoenix out of Gallup in the next few months I think as a sign of faith. The city of Gallup REALLY wanted a phoenix run.

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