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Air med

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Well-known member
Feb 13, 2002
Anyone know how Fixed Wing air medical flights are crewed?

Are the ops run Part 135?

King Airs crewed with 1 pilot or 2? How 'bout the PC-12? Other aircraft?

Are aircraft staffed 24 hours / 7 days or on call at night?

Thanks for this and any other info on the industry...
It varies depending on the company- We do quite afew "life flights" and we will use "2" 135 qualified pilots for every trip whether it is an organ run or a patient being transported for care. We use the C90B, A90, B100,B300, B350, just to give you an example however I have seen some 135 operators do these runs single pilot.

Most aircraft are always staffed 24/7 due to the fact that most life flights tend to happen at the odd hours of the night and organs are time sensitive so EX> when someone is killed in a car accident we will pick up the surgeons and nurses and fly them to retrieve the organs and so forth- On many occasions "time" has not cooperated and the organs were found to have either infections or deemed not "good" for whatever other reasons- I can't begin to count the amount of times I recieved pages at 3 0r 4 am in the morning (night is a very popular time for these flights)

PC-12??- Who knows however I do see them flying quite abit single pilot BUT most hospital health groups who contract the flying out do want to see "2" pilots per flight for the added safety factor however I would have to say this can vary...

hope this helps! !


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We do it about the same as 350driver, but in a turbo commander, vs. the kingair. Also, we don't do organ transplants. Too much of a pain dealing with those doctors.

Our company contracts the pilots and the aircraft to the hospital, which makes us a 135 operation. Staffed 24/7 with 2 pilots, one of which is in the office during the whole shift. We also supply a backup aircraft and crew 24/7 as well.

The company that does the PC-12 out here flies them single pilot. Our hospital has noted that they like the PC-12, but they would want 2 pilots. We keep telling them that we want 1 pilot per engine... :)
Sometimes this type of flying can be a "hassle" especially dealing with some of the doctors who aren't always the nicest at those hours ( who would be)..however it gives most a feeling of satisfaction due to the fact that you are part of a team who is helping save a life...

- L I F E G U A R D - "


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There is an outfit in WI called Trans North Aviation that specializes in Air Med in PA-31 and C-340's. C-340's especially had to be single pilot due to weight restrictions. They are basic life support (not critical). Typically transporting invalid patients from north to south (FL).
cvsfly said:
There is an outfit in WI called Trans North Aviation that specializes in Air Med in PA-31 and C-340's.

Wow, I can't believe my former employer has popped up here. It was actually pretty fun flying patients around in the Navajo. Got to meet a lot of interesting families and flew all over this side of the Rockies. I did mostly single pilot but if the client wanted or required we took two. I left there seven years ago but I'm sure the owner is the same guy. If anyone has any Q's just PM me.
Jeez, I thought I was the only guy around that ever did medivacs in a Navajo! ;)

Now THAT was fun flying!
Air-Ambo Flights

The outfit I fly for uses Lear Jets. We do air-ambo trips under Part-135. Lear Jets require two crew members. Our avalability is 24/7. We transport patients and medical personel all over the country. We also occasionally do trips to South America, Caribian, Bermuda and Europe.

A few weeks back while on a trip to IND I did hear that they needed a MU-2 pilot- may be worth looking into- Problem is I can't recall the company name however call Raytheon since that is where it is always at and they should be able to give you all the details-


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