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Air Marshall, Not the Job it Used 2B

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Home Based Again!
May 7, 2002
This caught my eye yesterday while non-revving my way to YUL. Seems like the job isn't quite what it was advertised to be. It's being "dumbed down." They removed the firearm marksman exam from the qualification process because too many were failing it! Quick, get those Kevlar (tm) cockpit doors in place!! And, start arming the flight crews so we can defend against terrorists with marshall's guns. Sad to see an elite program diluted.

Air marshal program in disarray, insiders say Dozens of top agents have quit the service
Well this is more ammo for arming pilots. Many of the people that were against it said that the new TSA and Air Marshalls would protect us.

Everyone knows that the screeners are overall a farse, and this story hints that the Marshalls may not be all that the cracked up to be before 9/11.
Quote from the story.

Hiring standards for marshals added since Sept. 11 have been lowered dramatically, sources say. No longer must applicants pass a difficult marksmanship course that used to be the make-or-break test for the program. In addition, many new hires were given guns and badges and put aboard flights before extensive background checks were completed.

One good bungle begets another

Fly, dinna fash ye.

It wouldn't be unnoticable to folk specifically looking for weaknesses.

The press is as inept as most of our government agencies; it's a an equal match when they go round and round.

What is important, is that ultimately it is up to all of us individually to be on the lookout.

What are you waiting for? Start that engine up or land.

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