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Air Inc. owned by ALPA

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Aug 7, 2002
We have information that ALPA Now either owns Air Inc. or has put its member dues into Air Inc. and Kit Darby is running it.

If anyone has any info please email me.
Air Inc. and Kit

It's sure to be a fine organization that disseminates the truth and accurate information if Kit Darby, the Pied Piper of pilot shortages, is running the show. :rolleyes:

Kit should stick with choosing and peddling interview books and resume forms. In all fairness, his forms are good and his books are helpful. I bought Airline Pilot Interviews from him when he was FAPA and it was excellent. Someone gave me a copy of Sweaty Palms that she purchased from Kit and it, too, was excellent.
Are you sure you aren't thinking of UPAS? I think AirInc. is evil on so many levels, but UPAS is as bad. ALPA owns it, but claims they don't make any money off of it.
If I'm not mistaken, you're both "off". ALPA did own UPAS. It was not successful and it was sold to Air, Inc.. As far as I know, ALPA does not own Air, Inc.
Actually, UPAS was sold to AEPS. And it is all somehow tied up in bankruptcy.

Mr. Director. If this is all you have to worry about, I think you need a life.
God bless America that people like this can do whatever they want....

From the noalpa website:

Due to the vindictive and violent nature of both ALPA and the AFL-CIO, the owners of this site will remain anonymous

The second page of the website asks:

Why does ALPA not support furloughed pilots?

Well, it does and at the same time to answer your original quesiton this is on the ALPA furloughed pilot resourse page. If you were a member of ALPA you would know that though, so I take it you're either not in good standing, been expelled, or simply choose to freeload by being a non-member?

Anyway.... ALPA is spending money to help all ALPA furloughed pilots... start the recall process!!!!

I’m pleased to report to all ALPA members a very favorable development in our association’s support of furloughed pilots.

As you know, the tragic events of Sept. 11 left our industry reeling. The staggering aftermath affected not only the financial fortunes of our airlines, but ALPA’s financial resources as well. Nowhere have these effects been more clearly shown than in the ranks of the approximately 5,700 of our member pilots furloughed since that day. They represent the diminished demand for air travel, the resulting operational curtailments at our airlines, and the dramatic reduction of dues income at ALPA.

We were left with an uncomfortable dilemma: How was ALPA going to provide assistance to this unprecedented number of furloughed pilots when the same circumstances that brought about those furloughs also restricted ALPA’s capacity to pay for the services we could provide?

In the weeks since Sept. 11, we have engaged in ongoing talks with the job-placement firm for pilots - Air, Inc. - to find a solution. Now we have one.

Through a business arrangement with the firm, ALPA has subsidized most of the costs of Air, Inc. membership for our pilots furloughed during and since Sept. 2001. Now, these full memberships are available at a cost of only $50 to the pilot, with ALPA covering the remaining cost. The furloughed pilots will receive:

all Pilot Career Development System materials, including …
the Application Handbook
the Career Guide,
the Airline Information and Address Directory,
the Airline Pilot Job Monthly Newsletter, and
Airline Pilot Careers magazine;
toll-free counseling;
complete access to the Career Development System through the Jet-Jobs.com website;
an on-line E-application system at AIRApps.com website; and
attendance at any scheduled Air, Inc. seminar in 2002 for a reduced fee of $99.
We believe these resources will give ALPA’s furloughed pilots an edge in their job-search efforts.

Meanwhile, this association continues to defend our industry and our profession. We’re doing everything we can to bring about a rebound in the industry and to get our pilots back to work. Please see the ALPA website - www.alpa.org - for information on how our safety and security initiatives, and our public-information campaigns, are helping to restore the public’s confidence in what is still the safest mode of transportation on the planet.

UPAS was started by and owned by ALPA. It was a consistant loser of money and so it was sold to AEPS.

With Delta no longer hiring, TWA, a strong supporter of UPAS absorbed by American, and the rest of the clients not hiring, UPAS started dwindling. It was unable to meet obligations remaining to ALPA.

ALPA sued and AEPS had signed for the debt side as back collateral. ALPA has taken a firm stance realizing that there was little value left in UPAS and not wanting to end up with a liability for anything. AEPS tried some tactics which have not worked.

I believe that Kit Darby optioned UPAS if it was reclaimed and maybe AEPS.

NOALPA probably has a stake in this somewhere.

In the meantime Plato Rhyne and PilotStaffcv have also become players in the business.

Who knows where all this is going and who cares

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