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AIR Inc??? -- Is it worth it?

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beats working

Active member
Apr 16, 2002
What do you guys (gals) think about AIR Inc??? Is it worth the couple of hundred bucks? Basically I'm trying to understand who I should send applications to and who I'd really like to work for. I've been waiting around for something to happen with SkyWest, but now I think I need to look elsewhere, but I don't know who would be best and/or most likely to hire me. I'll be commuting from the San Francisco area (family at home). I had previously thought that the east coast would be too far, but I'm willing to give it a shot now for the right situation. Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance.
You don't have to buy all of Kit Darbys crap. Just buy what you need. The man does have some good information, but nothing you really can't find someplace else on the internet. The pay summaries and monthly job letters are the best sources of info he puts out. If I were you I would only buy the monthly jobs newsletter and perhaps a salary survey guide. On the other hand, if you are going to buy those two things you are just as well to buy the internet only membership. I've been to two job fairs and both were good motivationaly uplifts for me, and reminders to some extent of the high competition we face today. Hope that helps.
I would agree you don't need the whole package. I have the internet package and while I would sometimes like a hard copy instead of using up my printer ink, I think it was the better deal.

I used the airline information section the most to find out where to send my resume and who was who. Beware, it is not always accurate but you can often cross-check it with the individual airline's web page.

Good luck

There is another thread that reviews to some extent the merit of going to an Air Inc job fair.

On that thread, I said that you have to look and assess yourself along with who is going to be there. The face to face time is very limited at these things and if you have nothing going for you to stand out, you may be wasting time.

Know who you want to see and be focused on them. For the regionals who are hiring you could have gone to AEPS for $10 or $20 rather than 200. For an Airtran you would not be competitive.

Today some rec letters are in order and almost mandatory. Some of the carriers that will be there are just there to be there.

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