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Air Inc Conventions

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Well-known member
Aug 28, 2005
I have have heard of guys going to 3-4 of these before getting even called for an interview and was wondering if they were a necessary evil. Are going to these conventions worth the time and money? If so can anyone send a link for them.
It is what you make of them. Depending on the turnout, it may require ALOT of time standing in long lines for a few seconds of actual face time with the airline pilot recruiters. I worked at one and witnessed first hand the behind the scenes stuff while an intern @ a major prior to 9-11, and as far as I am concerned Kit Darby (Air Inc. CEO) will NEVER get a penny of my money. I may be jaded but maybe some others have a different impression of the conferences.
Not to put you off, but do a search, there is a lot of info stored on this board. There are pros and cons to this topic, gather as info as you feel you need

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